Fort Collins Medical and Recreational Dispensary

Infinite Wellness is located in Fort Collins, just a half mile north of the historic Old Town District on North College. Serving both Medical and Recreational customers over the age of 21, Infinite Wellness Fort Collins boasts the largest selection of flower, concentrates, and edibles in Northern Colorado with over 500 infused products. 16 cash registers and over 35,000 square feet of parking mean you’ll be in and out quickly and conveniently while still getting top shelf customer service. We grow high quality flower that satisfies the connoisseurs and the new-comers, and we offer a wide selection of strains that are grown in-house. We further refine these strains with our in-house line of concentrates, Flux by Infinite. These concentrates pull out the essence of our flower in both cannabinoids and terpenes to produce superior waxes, shatters, live resins and more. We provide a normalized, modern day shopping experience with award-winning customer service and online pre-ordering for expedited pickup.

Fort Collins Dispensary

900 N College Ave
Fort Collins, CO 80524

P: 970-484-8380

Dispensary Hours:

FC Medical Mon-Sun 9am-6:50pm
FC Rec Mon-Sun 9am-8pm
***Closed Thanksgiving & Christmas Day

If you’re looking for the best medical marijuana deals in Fort Collins, or just searching for recreational marijuana in Fort Collins, Infinite Wellness Center has a variety of quality products and resources at your disposal. Our dispensary offers both in-house and other high-quality brands. If you are looking for a new strain to try or looking for a medicinal marijuana product, our dispensary has something for you.

Recreational Marijuana in Fort Collins

When it comes to enjoying recreational marijuana, the customer is often focused on the experience rather than the medical benefits. Whether you are ready to start with a beginner strain, enjoy a classic strain experience, or experiment with a potent strain, a variety of options are available for your purchase. Choose to browse through the many strains, brands and THC levels online or visit a dispensary in person to speak with a knowledgeable team member about your experience and options.

We often prefer using the term “Adult Use” on our recreational side, as we have many products that are designed for therapeutic use and self-medication. This can range from topical salves that may reduce neuropathic pain such as arthritis to CBD dominant edibles that can help treat anxiety, stress and pain. By law, all recreational products must contain THC in a measurable amount to be legally sold in a Colorado dispensary.

Recreational Marijuana Deals in Fort Collins

Looking for the best value in cannabis? The Infinite Wellness Center has been voted the Bust Budget Dispensary in the State of Colorado for 2017, and it’s all about how we do business. We want to provide the best value to our customers every single day. So how do we do it?

Quantity Based Pricing

Our tiers are separated in to three categories based on the quantity we have on hand, not the quality of the flower. This means our tier 3 selection for the day could be our highest testing flower, and nothing is ever sold as “bottom shelf”.

Rewards Program

We give back 3% on every purchase to our rewards customers in the form of points. You’ll earn three points for every dollar you spend in the store by simply giving us your phone number. Remember, we NEVER share our customer information, so your privacy is always a top priority for us. Want to know more about how our points work? Check out our rewards page.

House Brands

Infinite Wellness Center is vertically integrated, meaning we own our own grows and extraction lab. Because of this “Clone to Counter” production model, we can provide house brands like Flux by Infinite concentrates and Infinite Wellness Center flower at the best prices, without sacrificing quality.

Regular Sales & Coupons

Have you joined our email list or text message program? These are our primary communication channels as social media can’t handle all the awesome that is cannabis at this time. Sign up to get our deals and promotions sent to your phone or inbox, and make sure you check out the Rooster Magazine in Northern Colorado for our full page ads and coupons in the back!

Medical Marijuana Dispensary Fort Collins

If you are searching for a solution to your medical problem, an experienced medical marijuana dispensary in Fort Collins can be a valuable resource. Medical marijuana customers have reported the relief of a variety of conditions through the use of high-quality products. Depending on the condition you are seeking to treat, you might be interested in Sativa, Indica or a hybrid blend of both. Medical products are available in a variety of forms, so personal preference dictates how you decide to receive treatment. Each medicinal flower differs in potency, THC content, flavor, and more. We provide a variety of ways to enjoy our marijuana products:

• Pre-rolls
• Cartridges
• Topicals
• Drinks

Medical Marijuana Deals in Fort Collins

If you are looking for medical marijuana in the Fort Collins area and are interested in finding the best deal, finding a quality dispensary with reward programs, daily deals, and frequently updated stock is your best bet. A reward program can help you earn discounts on future purchases of medical cannabis when you sign up for a membership. Frequently updated stock lets you know when your preferred product is available and allows you to price check, saving you valuable time and money. If you would like to try different varieties to see which product is right for you, check out daily deals at your dispensary to grab the best price at the right time.

If you are interested in a high-quality Fort Collins dispensary for medical or recreational marijuana, contact Infinite Wellness Center today. With top-shelf knowledgeable customer service and an abundance of quality products, Infinite Wellness Center has something for everyone.