Flux by Infinite

Available on both our Medical and Recreational sides, Flux by Infinite concentrates are the highest quality extracts in Northern Colorado because of the care, quality, and control that we have over the input, process, and output. Making extractions in-house cuts out any additional costs and eliminates concerns over quality control. This vertical integration leads to a superior cannabis concentrate at highly competitive prices.

Flux by Infinite concentrates can range in potency due to several factors, including the starting material and varying cannabinoid content. Typically, concentrates range from 70-92% cannabinoid potency with live resin products on the higher end. High potency, super low residual solvents, and robust terpene profiles are the name of the game, and flux plays to win.

On top of producing some of the best BHO in the 970, we’re making sure it gets to you in the best packaging possible. Every unit is hand labeled twice with strain, batch and potency information – no more guessing what was in your jar after you remove your exit package!

Our award winning, CDA verified, house grown flower is hydroponically grown and cared for with love. Our proprietary grow process pushes cannabis to its theoretical limit and produces vigorous plants. In the last ten days of growth, we flush our plants completely free of any additional nutrients to ensure the cleanest, purest product possible. We then freeze our fresh harvest for extraction to preserve the potency of cannabinoids and the full flavor of terpenes.

Starting with high-quality cannabis yields high-quality results. The process can vary slightly for different products such as live resin, but all extractions begin with our bottom flood 316 Stainless Steel Terpp Extractor. We use butane in a closed loop at 0°F for wax or shatter, and -40°F for live resin. Our system has been completely upgraded to handle extreme temperatures with PTFE gaskets that are rated to -140°F. This system allows us to extract the fullest potential from the starting material and recapture nearly all of our solvent.

The raw concentrate product is then purged in our array of Across International Vacuums for a minimum of five days to ensure the least possible residual solvents. We use a super low temperature to preserve the maximum amount of terpenes without loss to evaporation.

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