Here at the Infinite Wellness Center, we seek to provide our customers with the highest quality products at the best value possible. These core values have led us to earn several awards for quality, service and value including Best Dispensary in Colorado and the 2017 Best Budget Dispensary in Colorado.

After years of selling vaporizer cartridges to our customers, we wanted to provide a single power solution at a great value. Our previous line up included passive draw batteries that didn’t work on high end cartridges, batteries that didn’t last long and cartridges that required variable voltage settings. We challenged our team to come up with a solution – and to make sure it was a great price.

FluxCapacitorAnd so it was born – the Flux by Infinite Capacitor. We finally had a universal battery that worked with all of the products we sell in our store, and then some. You can purchase this variable voltage 510 thread battery exclusively at the Infinite Wellness Center for just $10!

The sleek box comes with an instruction card showing you how to operate the device, which is pretty standard when it comes to vape batteries. 5 button clicks turns it on and off, two clicks pre-heats for 10 seconds, sending a low voltage through the leads to help break up clogs in stubborn cartridges. Three button clicks change the voltage, aka heat settings, from low (red, 2.7 volts), medium (green, 3.4 volts), and high (blue, 4.2 volts). The ring around the button will show the color of it’s current voltage when pressed, and the tip will light up an Infinite logo on the base when in use. If the button blinks five times when pressed, the battery is exhausted and needs to be charged.

To charge, screw in the 510 thread usb adapter and plug it in to a charger outlet, typically for a cellphone or a computer port. The capacitor should flash, and the light on the charger base should be green. The charger base will then turn red to indicate charging, and the battery will display either red, green or blue to indicate 1/3, 2/3 or full charge respectively. A full charge can take upwards of ninety minutes, so it’s always a great idea to have a spare on deck!

See below for a copy of the instruction card. Flux Capacitor Instructions-01