Fluw By Infinite Wellness Cannabis Store

Frequently Asked Questions

The Infinite Wellness Center is happy to serve all adults over the age of 21 with valid ID. We cannot have any individual below the age of 21 in our store, including our lobby. There is no waiting room for underage individuals.

All patrons must provide valid ID on every visit. Acceptable forms of ID include state-issued driver’s licenses, state issued identification cards, US Passports, Native American Identification cards or Military IDs with all supporting documents. Non-US citizens must provide a valid Passport from their home country. All forms of identification must be valid and have an expiration date with photo ID. Temporary licenses are accepted that have photo identification on the physical document. All identification materials must have a photo, and any modifications to your ID or questions about validity or authenticity will result in you not being able to enter the shop. We will confiscate fake identification and submit it to the local Police Department who will follow up with you.

No matter where you are from, legal adults over the age of 21 have a per transaction limit of 28 grams of flower. This also applies to edible and concentrated cannabis products through the equivalency law passed in 2016. Essentially, 3.5 grams of flower = 100mg edible = 1 gram of concentrate. Non-transdermal products, such as topicals, do not apply to this limit. You are able to mix and match in your transaction, but at most you can purchase 28 grams of flower, 8 x 100mg edibles or 8 grams of concentrate. For example, you could purchase 14 grams of flower, 2 x 100mg edibles and 2 grams of concentrate in a single transaction.

We do not sell any clones or seeds, specifically because it is against the city law in Fort Collins.

We do not give tours of our facility, nor our grow. We take a lot of pride in some of our proprietary systems, and try to keep our grow as contaminant free as possible. In addition, it is against the law to accept any form of payment for tours.

No. Colorado cannabis is only legal in Colorado, no matter your home state’s laws or your enrollment in any medical marijuana program. Taking cannabis outside of the state boundaries can result in serious criminal charges.

Cannabis consumption, whether it be smoking, vaping or eating an edible, are all illegal in any public space. This includes parking lots (specifically ours, that our security team patrols), parks, forests, our down town areas and anywhere that is public space. In addition, be wary of anywhere allowing consumption on site as the laws are not very clear on this matter. We recommend consuming cannabis in a safe, private space outside of public view where odor will not be a concern. Federal land, such as Rocky Mountain National Park and the Roosevelt National Forest, still operate under federal laws, in which cannabis is a Schedule I narcotic and can result in felony charges.

Most Colorado ski resorts are actually located on Federal land, so consuming up on the slopes is a violation of Federal law. Several ski resorts have a policy for kicking folks out or taking away their season pass for consuming cannabis on the slopes or chairlift.

No – driving while under the influence of cannabis will result in a driving under the influence charge the same as being intoxicated by alcohol. Consuming cannabis lowers reaction times and can endanger your life and the lives of others on the road. If you do consume, use ride services such as Uber, Lyft or local transportation including taxis and the bus.

Not at all. We use a 2D identification scanner that works with most state issued ID cards to call customers by name. Those who do not use a debit or credit card with us have their profiles anonymized to “Rec Customer” after the transaction is closed, and we have no way of retrieving that information. We do keep our loyalty program and debit/credit card users’ information in our encrypted, secure files backed by Amazon Web Services for use in case of chargeback disputes or for personalized offers, which you can opt out of at anytime. We NEVER divulge customer information to ANYONE. Customer privacy is one of our highest priorities.

Absolutely not. Not under any circumstances – we don’t even ship out T-shirts.

No, Colorado law currently prohibits delivery services.

There is no way to take cannabis through Colorado airports, regardless of what you’ve heard or read.

No, we cannot verify that person’s age and will not be able to sell you cannabis.

You must be a resident of the state of Colorado in order to apply for a Colorado MMJ card. We recommend C.A.R.E.S. in Fort Collins to our customers and offer a 20% discount on your appointment with our referral card from our front desk. Upon securing a recommendation from a doctor, you will complete the application process either online (https://medicalmarijuana.colorado.gov) or through the mail. Mailed requests can take over 60 days with the current process, while online applications have been approved as quick as 24 hours after payment.

All employees of any licensed cannabis business in Colorado must be licensed by the Marijuana Enforcement Division Occupational Licensing. You can find more information here: https://www.colorado.gov/pacific/enforcement/med-occupational-licensing

Cannabis comes in many different forms. Traditional flower can be smoked or vaporized. Concentrated products can be vaporized as well, or ingested if they have been full decarboxylated (activated) through a heat process that removes the alpha chain acids from THCA, the dominant cannabinoid found in flower. Activated cannabinoids can be consumed through imbibement, ingestion, topical or transdermal application.

No, our prices are set and operated like any other retail business.

If it is your first time consuming flower, we recommend smoking a small amount (0.2 grams or less) out of a pipe, waterpipe or vaporizer and waiting five to ten minutes. Effects of this should last 2-5 hours, depending on the person. Edible cannabis products should be started low and slow, with the maximum single dosage serving in the state being 10mg of THC. Wait 2-4 hours before consuming more edible cannabis until you know how your body will react. Different products can react differently based on fat content, previous meals and your body’s own metabolism.

Relax, no one has ever died from overconsumption. You can start to feel paranoid, uncomfortable and feel like “freaking out” – find a safe space, listen to calming music, put on a movie and know that it will pass. Consuming fatty foods can absorb THC in your system and delay or mitigate the effects, as well as consuming CBD products. Elevated heart rate and a drastically altered mental state are common in overconsumption for beginners.

Normal sales tax of 7.4% in Fort Collins and 7.55% in Lakewood are added to our sales. Adult use cannabis also incurs an additional 10% tax for the state of Colorado.

Our flower is priced on availability, not quality. This allows us to provide top quality cannabis across the board, independent of price considerations. In addition, lower availability with higher prices allows us to keep a wider selection of cannabis available at all times.

We produce all of our flower in our own grows to give us the best control over final product quality. We do search for new strains to include in our lineup, but we must produce a large backstock prior to hitting the shelves. Most recently, we introduced Snoop OG and Master Kush LA Confidential.

We are happy to have special orders for patrons wishing to purchase larger amounts of a single product from vendors we work with. Please ask a sales associate on your next visit as we do collect a down payment.

THCA is the main cannabinoid in cannabis. When decarboxylated through heat into THC, this is primarily responsible for psychoactivity, or feeling “high”. Similarly, CBDA is the most abundant in high CBD strains of cannabis, specifically hemp, and can be decarboxylated to CBD through heat. CBD is ideal for treating inflammation, anxiety and other symptoms while THC is better at quelling nausea, easing pain and reducing stress.

No, Colorado does not honor any out of state medical marijuana cards or certificates.

As our industry is daylighted to the mainstream, we are learning more and more about the science of cannabis and the human endocannabinoid system. Typically, Sativa is known for it’s elongated leaf and flower structure with lighter aromas such as citrus and pine. It’s effects are typically uplifting and energizing. Indica strains are pictured as squat and short, with dense buds and deep aromas such as sandalwood and skunk. Effects are typically sedative from Indicas. Hybrids are somewhere in between, depending on their lineage. Emerging science is currently changing this picture as we move towards the categorizing the effects of terpenes and flavinoids, which give the flavor and aroma unique to each strain.