Gummy Edibles

Gummies are currently one of our favorite marijuana-infused products. Classics like gummy bears and peach rings have recently changed shape to pucks and bricks in an effort to reduce the appeal to children, but we still have the same great sweet and sour flavors that you know and love. Check out selections from an abundance of vendors including those that are gluten free, vegan or made from distillate. Gummies are great for those looking for a fun snack with bright fruit flavors.

Chocolate Edibles

Naturally, chocolates are one of the most common forms of infused edibles. You can purchase chocolate bars in many different varieties, including dark and light chocolate, as well as a variety of sprinkled in toppings like almonds, pistachios, toffee or sea salt. Most chocolate bar contains multiple servings so you can spread the love around or save the rest for later.


More and more manufacturers are starting to sell sweets and lozenges infused with activated marijuana oil. Fruity flavors dominate hard sweets and suckers, and caramels or taffies are great alternates for a softer pallet. There are also a few sweet tart options that will fulfill any craving.

Tinctures and Tablet Edibles

Even if you’re not a fan of super-sweet treats, or you’re simply watching your calorie intake, you don’t have to give up on edibles altogether. With tinctures and tablets you can enjoy just a drop or two of your favorite marijuana strains without having to add in all the sugar and other stuff. These products make it easy to take marijuana orally or to add a hint to the foods you are already making. Concentrated tinctures can even act sublingually and take as little as fifteen minutes to take effect. Tablets can be a perfect remedy for those with highly restrictive diets, but should be taken with foods containing lipids for best absorption.

Edibles are some of the most popular cannabis products at Infinite Wellness these days, and we are happy to offer a wide selection of edible types to fit your tastes and needs. Edible marijuana products offer an easy and convenient way for people to experience the effects of their favorite cannabis products without having to smoke, and provides a prolonged psychoactive effect in comparison to smoking. Whether you like sweets, baked goods or you prefer a beverage, we have all different types of edibles for you!

Edible marijuana products in the state of Colorado are required by law to be marked clearly with the diamond THC symbol to denote their content. Infused edible cannabis products are restricted to a 100mg THC maximum with individual 10mg servings to be clearly denoted. With many products, this will be conveyed by a single package of 100mg THC containing ten pieces.

In addition, 100mg of marijuana infused edibles counts in equivalency as one eighth of flower towards a customer’s adult use purchase limit, making 800mg the largest allowable transaction size of adult use infused edibles.

When consuming edibles, it is always advised to “start low and go slow”. Ingesting cannabis can cause effects to be delayed by as much as four hours, though many feel the effects within one to two hours. Overconsuming can cause an uncomfortable high, anxiety, elevated heart rate and drowsiness. There has not been a single recorded death from overconsumption of cannabis.

Whether you’re seeking a fun, prolonged psychoactive experience or extended relief from symptoms, edibles offer a great way to consume cannabinoids. Many products are available with varying potencies of THC, CBD, or THCA, and some people have success in micro-dosing. Always consume edible cannabis products with a balanced meal to ensure the best effects.

Drink Edibles

Marijuana-infused drinks come in a variety of shapes, potencies and sizes. These beverages are easy to drink and they deliver an impressive impact as they can be absorbed more rapidly by the body and move through to the lower intestine quickly. Teas, juices, coffee and sodas are available in several different flavors for you to choose from.

Where to Buy Marijuana Edibles in Colorado

The Infinite Wellness Center is the best place to buy edibles in Fort Collins, and we conveniently take orders online for in store pickup only. To learn more about why Colorado marijuana edibles have become such an important part of the marijuana industry and how they work, make sure to visit the Infinite Wellness blog and our FAQ page. You can also stop by our location in Fort Collins, Colorado, or our medical dispensary in Lakewood, Colorado, to speak with our experts about which products will meet your dosage and flavor preferences.

We can help you find sweets and treats of all kinds to stock up on, and answer your questions about each type of product in the store. We have the best marijuana edibles in Colorado!