Concentrates at Infinite Wellness: Infinite Wellness is proud to offer our customers the best concentrates in Colorado at our Fort Collins, Colorado location. We are the exclusive distributor of the Flux by Infinite line of butane and propane extracted cannabis concentrates. When you are considering where to buy marijuana concentrates in Fort Collins, Infinite Wellness should be your first choice. Our professional staff, premium products and vertical integration set us apart from any other dispensary in Colorado.

Tons of Selection: In addition to our Flux by Infinite line of concentrates, we carry some of the leading vendors in the state of Colorado including Eureka, Evolab, Incredible Extracts, and Craft 710. Concentrates come in a variety of forms (oil, wax, hash, shatter, etc.), so working with a dispensary that offers a wide selection will help you find a form that works for you. Below are a few of the different kinds of concentrates you will see at the Infinite Wellness Center:

  • Activated Oil: Our IWC Activated oil is highly similar to the commonly referred to Rick Simpson Oil (RSO) or Phoenix Tears. This is a fully decarboxylated cannabis oil available in a measured lure tip syringe, and is intended for smoking purposes. Fully activated oils can also be used topically or as an edible. Activated oils can be made with any extraction solvent (CO2, Hydrocarbons, Ethanol) but is purged with a heat process that makes the THCA into THC, the psychoactive ingredient in cannabis.
  • CO2 Oil: CO2 extracted oils tend to be slightly runny at room temperature and are often sold in a refill/dabbing syringe or vaporizer cartridge. These can be used with a dab rig, or often filled into an existing cartridge for convenient vaporizing. Many unrefined CO2 oils are amber in color, and some can have terpenes added back to them for enhanced flavor.
  • Wax: Often available in vary consistencies ranging from “butter” to “sugar wax” and sometimes even “sap”, cannabis wax refers to the concentrated material that is ideal for dabbing. Waxes are often produced by manipulating concentrates during the purging process, allowing for cannabinoids to bind together to create a sugar like consistency. Waxes can be made most often with hydrocarbon extraction.
  • Shatter: With a glass like appearance, shatter gets it’s name for the way it can crumble in to small pieces. Consistencies vary from pull & snap to brittle toffee, but clarity and consistent color are hallmarks of a quality shatter. Some terpene profiles do give a more amber appearance to shatter, while higher potency products tend to become more clear. Shatter is typically produced with hydrocarbon extraction and can often show “popped bubbles” where residual solvents have been purged from the product.
  • Solventless Hash: Solventless or “bubble” hash is a traditional water or ice water extraction method in which trichomes are broken off the plant and sifted through a series of micron screens. The filtered material is then pressed and dried to create solventless hash that can range from light sand grains to pressed brown bars. Certain cannabinoids, such as CBD, can make solventless hash have a wax like consistency.
  • Live Resin: One of the highest grades of concentrates, Live Resin is made from freshly frozen plants that are harvested at the peak of ripeness without being cured. This preserves the full terpene profile of the plant without the changes experienced through drying and curing, giving a highly flavorful and potent concentrate that is often a wax or sugar wax consistency. Live Resin with “sauce” in the container is indicative of a high terpene content and an extremely flavorful smoke. Read up on Leafly for more in depth information
  • Distillate: Made through the further refinement of extracted hash oils (hydrocarbon/CO2), distillation methodology produces a high purity THC product that is often re-introduced to terpene profiles. Short path fractional distillation (boiling) or thin film molecular distillation (atmospheric pressure) are the two most common methods of distilling and often produces material testing above 90% for total cannabinoids. These products are most often consumed via vaporization or dabbing, though some edible manufacturers use distillate to eliminate the hash flavor in their products.

Why Our Patients Love Concentrates: Concentrated forms of cannabis are ideal for providing quick relief for patients and customers who use cannabis for self-medication. In addition, it provides a more flavorful consumption experience, higher potency, increased efficiency, and a reduction of residual odors after use.

The potential for using concentrates in oil or salve form, applied directly to the skin, makes them a popular option for pain relief. Additionally, the versatility of cannabis concentrates attracts many customers as well. Excellent for using in homemade edibles, as salves, or in vape pens, concentrates are quickly becoming a favorite form of marijuana.

Flux by Infinite – From Clone to Concentrate: At Infinite Wellness, you can purchase many types of concentrates. Growing our own flower with tender care, processing it with love and extracting cannabinoids and terpenes with state of the art technology produces some of the highest grade concentrates in Northern Colorado, our Flux by Infinite line.

The ability to control the exact way in which trim material, the most common raw material for making cannabis concentrates, is handled provides a higher quality starting product. With concentrating cannabis, the mantra is, “you get out what you put in”. Our professional team of extractors take months of love from our grow team and refine it with years of extraction expertise. Closed loop super critical hydrocarbon extraction with our state of the art equipment and laboratory, high quality flower material and careful science produces some of the cannabis concentrates in the Northern Colorado.

Extraction Methods: Hydrocarbon, CO2, Ethanol, Water and Heat/Pressure are the main extraction methods used in creating cannabis concentrates, and all of them have advantages and disadvantages. Closed loop, super critical (extreme cold) extraction is used for hydrocarbon (propane, butane, hexane) and CO2 solvent extraction, allowing the solvent to become a liquid and absorb the cannabinoids, and then sublimated to release them in a collection chamber. Ethanol washes similarly absorb the cannabinoids and then release them through evaporation of ethanol, also known as purging. Residual solvents are often purged through a combination of low heat and atmospheric pressure to remove CO2, hydrocarbons or ethanol. Water and heat/pressure extractions are considered solventless, as they do not use super critical methodology. Some CO2 products claim to be solventless as they are tested to be completely free of solvents in their Residual Solvent Analysis (RSA). All concentrates sold in licensed facilities are below the state mandated maximum for residual solvents.

Consumption: There are many ways to use concentrates, but most often they are use with a dab rig or oil rig. These can vary greatly in their design and function, such as water pipes, but most are affixed with an element that is heated with a small torch until hot. At this point, the concentrate product is applied to the heated surface and inhaled as it is vaporized.
For ease and convenience, we’ve created our very own Flux by Infinite Atomizer, a concentrate vaporizing attachment for use with our Flux by Infinite Capacitor variable voltage battery. Together, this makes vaporizing concentrates as easy as using a cartridge. Simply fill the magnetic base with an easy to use distillate syringe, a small piece of Flux by Infinite wax or live resin, or any other dabbable concentrate. It is also ideal for oils that are too thick for standard cartridges, and can even be used to smoke traditional solventless bubble hash, but it will leave a residual ash in the chamber.

Tips for Buying & Enjoying Concentrates: To find a concentrate that you love, we invite you to talk to one of our experienced staff to learn more about the different forms. Knowing what terpene profiles you enjoy, such as pinene, myrcene or limonene, can help you buy shopping with your nose. You can also read customer reviews, consider the CBD to THC ratio you are looking for, and think about what form you will prefer to use your concentrate. This will ensure you get the most out of your chosen product.

Buy Cannabis Concentrates Today: If you are interested in learning more about concentrates, or purchasing your own, visit the Infinite Wellness dispensary in Fort Collins today. With a large selection of concentrates from Flux by Infinite, Evolab, Eureka, Incredibles and more, our team is always more than happy to help customers find a product that fits their needs and lifestyles. Feel free to contact us with any questions you may have.